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20 Peruvian Amazon ACAI ASAI PALM SEED BEADS Amethyst

20 Peruvian Amazon ACAI ASAI PALM SEED BEADS Amethyst

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These unusual beads are fashioned from the seed of an Amazonian palm tree (Euterpe oleracea), called açaí in Portuguese and asai in Spanish. In English, they are generally called acai. The pulp surrounding these seeds has long been processed by Amazonian native peoples to produce a beverage that has recently become famous outside the region for its health benefits. The seeds themselves have an ivory color that is easily dyed.

This lot includes 20 acai seeds, dyed a deep amethyst and hand-drilled for beading by Peruvian crafts people. Because they are natural seeds, their size varies, but most are roughly spherical with diameters in the range of 9-11 mm. The holes are small, 1 mm or less in diameter.

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SKU:  Z11
Maker: Unknown
Material:  Acai seed
Shape:  Round
Bead size:  9-11mm
Hole size:  1mm
Hole direction:  Vertical
Finish:  Dyed

Price:  $5.00

30 lots in stock


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